Covid-19 Information


Over the years you may have heard us say “everything always works out” when referring to the timing and scheduling of appointments. Generally, the timing ebbed and flowed efficiently and everything did work out. With the unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances that have occurred due to the coronavirus, we find ourselves in a predicament in regard to rescheduling/scheduling our clients. All of you are special and like family to us and although we would like to schedule you all the week we reopen, it will be impossible to do so. Upon looking through our list of guests, we are afraid it may take up to 5 weeks after we get the go-ahead to reopen to fit everyone back into our schedule. This includes clients who were either on our schedule before the shutdown began and those that have contacted us since to be put on an appointment list. We currently have over 100 people wanting to be scheduled which totals about 240 hours of appointments.

We realized when we had to start canceling appointments that the only fair way to resume scheduling once reopened was to keep a list of the client’s original appointment times. If you had an appointment during the first two weeks of the stay-at-home order, we immediately put you on the reschedule list. As the stay-at-home order was extended, we switched everyone who was scheduled during that time frame over to the reschedule list. Additionally, if you called to make an appointment after the shutdown began, we placed you on the list after those individuals who already had scheduled appointments. As soon as we know the date that we can reopen the salon, we will contact everyone on the list to start scheduling appointments. Please know that it breaks our heart to have to make anyone wait for an appointment. We trust that you will be understanding and patient as we work through the list to get all of you scheduled.


The coronavirus has changed the way we as a society must act when in public. Therefore, your salon visit may look a bit different when you come in. The following guidelines will ensure that your visit keeps both you-the clients, and all of us at Hot Lox protected.

  1. A face mask will be required. Please wear one with ear loops rather than one that ties around the head. This will allow us to work with your hair while keeping your mask in place. Your mask will most likely become damp around the ear loops. If receiving a coloring treatment, it is possible that color may get on your mask.

  2. You will need to come to your appointment alone.

  3. Upon arrival, you will be required to wash your hands. If you would like to use your cell phone during your appointment, I will ask that you sanitize it immediately, before washing your hands (this will prevent transferring anything to your clean hands).

  4. We will only be accepting credit card payments. To keep things as sanitary as possible, We ill be sending you an invoice after your appointment via email. You can expedite this process by sending us your email address prior to your appointment at Although we are still able to swipe credit cards, it just requires more hand washing.

  5. With the new sanitation requirements, it will take us an additional 15-minutes between clients to thoroughly sanitize the work area. Therefore, we ask that upon arrival you call us from your car and we will let you know when it is safe to come in.


We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to reopen, get all of you scheduled, and adhere to these new safety measures. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the near future.

From all of us at Hot Lox Studio and Spa.